Change A Childs Life

The trajectory of a child’s life can be changed by something as simple as a pair of shoes. Our mission is to restore each child’s sense of dignity 

Creative A Strong Foundation

Casa Hogar

is a Christ-centered home for orphaned and abandoned children in Acapulco, Mexico. Our mission is to restore each child’s sense of dignity, and to provide spiritual guidance and educational opportunity.

Each of these children deserve to feel loved and special. Though a new pair of shoes is a small act, we believe this small act to have huge impact. We want them to feel a sense of community and know they are not alone.

Lasting Connections

Small acts of kindness can help these children build lasting connections and improve their long-term outcomes. 

Walk in Their Shoes

Footware is more than a form of protecting your feet, rather, a way to connect with others. 

Self Expression

With your donation the children of Casa Hogar get to pick out their own shoes, brand new, in the box. It’s easy to take for granted such a simple act, but for them it is much more than a simple shopping trip. It is an opportunity for them to freely express themselves, build their self confidence, and can even act as an icebreaker in social settings. A small token they are certainly deserve. 

Want To Do More Than Donate?

We would be honored to have you join our mission trips and the impact for yourself. Take a look at our scheduled trips on our event calendar.

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With your donation of at least $30 we are create a fund reserved for providing shoes to the children of Casa Hogar.

Mission Trips

You also have the opportunity to be a part of the process at a more personal level. Join us in helping the kids pick out their new shoes.

Lasting Impact

They inspire us to continue to inspire them. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to make change in the lives of the Casa Hogar orphans.  

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