Intern Testimonials

Katie Scott


My first trip to Casa Hogar was in July of 2008 with my church youth group after my freshman year of high school when I was 15 years old. I remember after my first week at Casa Hogar, I told my parents that I would live there one day. Fast forward 11 years and God has faithfully called me back to serve at Casa Hogar many times over the years. The reason I continue to invest in this ministry is because of the people at Casa Hogar, not only the children but the staff as well. Casa Hogar is an incredible picture of the kingdom of God coming to this earth. Children from broken backgrounds are brought into a place where they are loved and known, but ultimately into a place where they learn of a Savior who knows them completely and loves them fully. I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of this precious family at Casa Hogar. Throughout my 11 years of work with this ministry, I have truly gained brothers and sisters into my family. I consider it a privilege to be able to share the love of this family that is found here with groups and churches that come to visit us here at Casa Hogar.

Jessica Thompson


After first coming to Casa Hogar in 2005, I knew there was something special about this place. The love and joy of Christ emanates in the lives of each leader and child here. I am convinced that I left feeling more encouraged and impacted by them, than them by me that summer. I knew that I wanted to come back and be a part of the work the Lord was doing at Casa Hogar. I was thankful for the opportunity to come back and see the faithfulness of the Lord at work to continue growing friendships each summer as a high school student. I was even more grateful when the Lord gave me the opportunity to come back and spend a summer here as an intern. As an intern, I saw the tangible work of the gospel lived out on a daily basis. To be a part of that in the day to day, to live life alongside each person at Casa Hogar was a gift. The fruit of the leader’s dependency and trust in the Lord is evident in each child’s life. These children experience the love of Christ everyday through these leaders. Casa Hogar is a special special place. After coming her for 14 years, I have seen the mutually encouraging work that can come from showing up and investing time in the lives of people. Being here with these kids, sharing life with them, getting to know them and what the Lord is doing in their hearts is a blessing. I love this place and these children. I am so thankful to serve a faithful and loving God that has let me be a part of His work here and that I can continue coming back to see all that He is doing firsthand.

Hunter Hotchkiss


Casa Hogar is not just a children’s home, it also holds another very unique and distinguishing characteristic. Casa Hogar is God’s home for his children. You step into the facility and you can’t help but feel the presence of God showering down on the place and filling every inch. Every direction that you turn your head, you see kids laughing and playing games. As you look, you wonder where all of that joy is coming from and how it seems to be contagious throughout Casa Hogar. That’s just it, the realization hits you in the face, and then you see it. Every person, from the leadership all the way down to the smallest kid, is worshipping the Lord and giving glory to Him from every brick that was laid to every grain of rice that is provided. God is the focus and he is at the center of Casa Hogar.

I have been to Casa Hogar many different times throughout my life, but every visit I step off the bus and step onto the grounds excited to see what God will reveal to me about Casa Hogar and his Kingdom. Every visit, I open my eyes and get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like.

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